Fabbrica dei Ricordi. Clients

We carefully keep the unique flavors of Castello Banfi Tuscan wines. One of our most prestigious clients is the wine house Castello Banfi. The wines from here are the result of an old and renowned craft which gave birth to unique and noble varieties of wine in the Tuscan region.
The famous Montalcino varieties – Brunello, Rosso and Moscadello di Montalcino are bottled up at Castello Banfi, bringing splendor and radiance to the viticultural region of Tuscany.
We are delighted to highlight the nobility which the wines from Castello Banfi have been blessed to receive.

Crama Murfatlar
The Wine Cellar Murfatlar markets mature or fresh wine directly from the Murfatlar vineyard in a wide range of varieties. There, you can be taste the wine and be advised about each variety. Nothing is more impressive than vines taken directly from the vineyard; their freshness and naturalness remain living in your memory long after the first tasting.

Torre a Cenaia

Nestled among the rolling hills of Tuscany lies the Tenuta Torre a Cenaia former property of the Pitti family. A great result of the successful symbiosis between tradition and innovation of their wineries are characterized by the special attention paid to the harvest of ripe and healthy grapes that are harvested separately in according with the soil and the varieties.


Other big clients:  Cantina VILLA SOBRANO, Office for Design.