Fabbrica dei Ricordi. Company

Our wooden boxes hide joy and unravel memories. The factory produces wooden boxes since 1999 for wine bottles and aliments. The production capacity per month is of 10.000 pieces a month with serigraphy inscription, pirography and laser.
The boxes can be painted in colors chosen by the client. Fabbrica dei Ricordi works exclusively on demand for its clients and on their models, without having its own retail line.

The company founder, Tommaso Ruscetta, first came in Romania 20 years ago. In a week he feel in love with the country and in a few years he arrived to Viseu, in Maramures, because he was interested in starting his own wood business. Since the first day he knew that he found his place and that he never wanted to leave Viseu. Why, you might ask? Because it is a blessed county, rich in resources, with charming people and a breathtaking nature.

The story. The wood from Maramures, a special way to understand the world. There are places filled with magic and a certain charm which inspire and open unsuspected perspectives. Maramures – a Romanian county filled with history and multimillenium traditions – it’s the country of wood and knowing hands which enable shapes, space and grandeur.
Hundreds of acres of forest which cover the hills, the plains and the mountains of Maramures hide the mystery of the wood and unravel the world of craftsmanship. For the local people the wood is not only a resource, but a way of life, of understanding the world.

Our wooden boxes collect passion, craftsmanship and warmth. Watching them and admiring their craftsmanship in wood, their creativity and soul, a generous idea was born.
Thus, here in Maramures, Fabbrica dei Ricordi started to encompass the passion for wood and the warmth of the people in wooden boxes for wines that keep inside emotions and feelings, sensations and flavors.

Promise - Similar costs, more emotion When you open Fabbrica dei Ricordi wooden boxes, you open a new world, always a personal experience – in which you find special sensations and the joy of finding a gift, a gesture, a memory. The production costs of our boxes are similar to the ones made with synthetic materials. What you can’t put a price tag on though is the feeling that you have by giving or receiving a gift, a memory in a wooden box which comes with something more: emotion, the warmth of the gesture and the joy of the memory.