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Every gesture in a certain box

We have many dimensions for the boxes, in the same way there are many kinds of feelings and thoughts. Every gesture fits in a certain box, it feels comfortable in certain dimensions and awakens certain memories. The wine boxes produced by Fabbrica dei Ricordi can be used as packaging for various numbers of bottles.
There are boxes of 6 bottles of wine, boxes for 4 bottles, for 2 bottles and for one bottle.

Details: opening system with hinges or drawer


  • a box for 2 bottles- lenght 350 mm, width 200 mm, h96 mm
  • a box for 3 bottles- lenght 350 mm, width 280 mm, h96 mm
  • a box for 4 bottles- lenght 360 mm, width 340 mm, h96 mm
  • a box for 6 bottles- lenght 520 mm, width 350 mm, h96 mm
  • a box for 6 bottles- lenght 336 mm, width 268 mm, h165 mm
  • a box for 12 bottles- lenght 505 mm, width 340 mm, h165 mm
  • Magnum box 1,5l- lenght 370 mm, width 120 mm, h105 mm


Specially built boxes for every kind of packaging product

At Fabbrica dei Ricordi every client can benefit from specially built boxes, in which there can be placed wine bottles or any other type of products that can be packaged and highlighted.
Fabbrica dei Ricordi offers boxes of all dimensions customized to the client’s needs with any opening system – hinges or drawer.
Fabrica dei Ricordi delivers wooden boxes for wine producers or aliments (processed meat, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil etc) and they can be personalized by painting the wood, by certain dimensions or by inscripting the logo.
A certain sign, a kind thought, a surprise deserves being packaged in a special way. They are kept inside, they are unraveled to their receiver and are kept as memories in a box that we lovingly called: Fabbrica dei Ricordi.

Types of boxes

Boxes produced for our customers